Participating institutions

Research centers

  • SAGE: Societies, Actors, Government in Europe (UMR 7363)
  • BETA: Bureau of Theoretical and Applied Economics (UMR 7522)
  • DRES: Law, Religion, Business and Society (UMR 7354 DRES)

Doctoral schools

  • ED 221: Augustin Cournot
  • ED 101: Legal Sciences
  • ED 519: Social Sciences and Humanities –European perspectives

Faculties and schools

  • FDSPG: Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management
  • FSS: Faculty of Social Sciences
  • FSEG: Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
  • FL: Faculty of Languages
  • IEP: Institute of Political Studies
  • CUEJ: Journalism School
  • IDT: Labor Institute


  • Hélène Michel, Professor of Political Science, SAGE (UMR 7363), University of Strasbourg
  • Amélie-Barbier-Gauchard, Professor of Economics, BETA (UMR 7522), University of Strasbourg
  • Mélanie Schmitt, Professor of Labor Law, DRES (UMR 7354), University of Strasbourg