MAKErS Graduate Program

Presentation of the interdisciplinary training programme

ITI-MAKErS is developing an ambitious programme of research and training through research, from Masters to doctorate level, aimed at renewing the purpose and methods of European studies.

The programme combines :

  •     Government sciences: law, economics, political science, statistics, etc.
  •     Social sciences: sociology, demography, geography, history of science, etc.

This combination allows to explore and analyse the making of European society: how Europe builds a society and how this society becomes European.

The MAKErS training programme is designed to familiarise students with qualitative and quantitative research on European issues.

More specifically, the aim is to provide students with the intellectual and technical tools they need to master the challenges raised by the proliferation of data and its processing. Data is a means of understanding the making of European society and of practising and questioning interdisciplinarity.

In addition, students acquire a double reflex :

  • the de-nationalisation of categories to consider European society, particularly through the comparison of national statistics and the Europeanisation of data and indicators
  • interdisciplinarity, by crossing perspectives on given themes

More information about the MAKErS training programme