Scientific project

MAKErS scientific project

The project gathers 140 researchers, engineers, lecturers and lecturer-researchers from various joint research units specialised mainly in:

  • economics and management (BETA - UMR 7522)
  • law (DRES - UMR 7354)
  • sociology, political science, history of science and geography (SAGE - UMR 7363)

and in:

  • intellectual property (CEIPI)
  • statistics and data analysis (iCube)
  • and sport and social sciences (UR 1342).

The implementation of interdisciplinary approaches aims to renew the object and methods of European studies.

This interdisciplinary scientific programme is structured in four research axes:

    MAKErS research is supported by various Research Actions aiming at providing support to :      

    • scientific projects (Chairs, Indisciplinary), dissemination of results (Workshop) or organisation of debates (Rendez-vous)
    • individuals: doctoral contracts, post-doctoral contracts, visiting scholar fellowships