The EU's Government of Worker Mobility

Ouvrage MAKErS

An Interdisciplinary Discussion

Edited By Hélène Michel & Mélanie Schmitt

This book brings together the expertise of economists, legal scholars, political scientists, and sociologists in order to integrate diverse perspectives and a broad range of analytical tools in the conceptualisation of labour mobility.

It examines how variably the question of labour mobility has translated into the policies, laws, and norms through which the EU as a whole is governed. The contributions focus on the actors - European and national officials, experts, trade union and employers’ organisations - and on instruments implemented by institutions and political organisations - European Agency, coordination systems, European Job Mobility Portal (EURES) - to increase and support mobility within the European Union.

This book will be of key interest to scholars and students of European/EU studies, migration studies, labour studies, political sociology, and more broadly to comparative politics.

Table of Contents



Hélène Michel and Mélanie Schmitt


Part 1: Issues, Measurement, and Tensions


1. The challenges to labor mobility at the European level

Mélanie Schmitt, Anne Benoit, Sandrine Knobé, Lilian Pichot, Francesco De Palma, Agathe Simon, Yann Thommen, Hélène Michel, Sébastien Michon and Marco Rocca

2. Worker mobility: Definitions and measures

Francesco De Palma, Hélène Michel, Mélanie Schmitt, Agathe Simon, Yann Thommen and Sébastien Michon

3. Obstacles to and drivers of worker mobility

Francesco De Palma, Agathe Simon, Yann Thommen, Mélanie Schmitt, Pénélope Hardy, Sébastien Michon and Hélène Michel


Part 2: Actors and Policies

4. Mobility as a European political battleground: Issues and actors in the revision of the Posting of Workers Directive

Sébastien Michon and Marco Rocca

5. The European Labour Authority and the shaping of "fair mobility": The ambiguities of a regulatory agency in achieving the European labor market

Hélène Michel and Sébastien Michon


Part 3: Actors and Practices in the Sports Industry

6. The mobility of workers in sport: Issues and Tensions between trade unions and sports institutions

Mélanie Schmitt, Lilian Pichot, Sandrine Knobé and Anne Benoit

7. The mobility of professional athletes in Europe: Status, perspectives, and issues

Sandrine Knobé, Anne Benoit and Lilian Pichot

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